What is Reclamation?

Reclamation is a community of scientists and advocates dedicated to fostering our relationship with the general public through clear, direct, and honest communication. We aim to accomplish this goal on two fronts--content creation and distribution. Through our actions, we hope to improve the immediate and long-term prospects of federally-funded research by convincing the People that science is worthy of their attention, their trust, and their tax dollars. 

Aim #1: Content creation

Reclamation serves as a pre-print journal for original compositions that are focused on science advocacy and outreach. Suggested formats include, but are certainly not limited to, letters to the editor of local newspapers, science-themed videos, 'Authors Corresponding' pieces for pop science digital magazines, or Commentary articles for international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Science. Once you post your work to Reclamation, you will be given the opportunity to invite reviewers from scientific and non-scientific backgrounds to offer feedback on accuracy and general audience readability. 

Aim #2: Distribution

Following the review process, we hope to help you reach your intended audience by facilitating the publication of these works in mainstream media outlets. This will be accomplished through our partnerships with Massive (massivesci.com) and other media groups, as well as through consultations with Reclamation community members who have connections to publishers. 

What can you do?

Active members of the Reclamation community are encouraged to participate in four ways. (Read) articles written by fellow scientists. (Review) these works and provide feedback. (wRite) and submit for review. (Re-Tweet) and spread the word about Reclamation.

And most importantly: Be loud. Be clear.

Cover image by Jason Rosewell