We Still Don't Know How Zika Gets into the Brain

We investigated the role of AXL in Zika virus infection of neural progenitor cells. Here, I summarize our findings in laymen's terms.
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We Still Don't Know How Zika Gets into the Brain
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Importance of AXL?
Brian Wells: Does the brain produce AXL when it is infected with Zika and it helps it spread? Or does the body produce it normally for a function and it just also happens to help the Zika virus? When you wrote ...
Michael Wells: This is a great question that I will fully address in the next draft. This is actually a question a reviewer asked when we submitted the paper to Cell Stem Cell and we had to experiments to show so...
"Express" is jargon
Gabriel Stein: What does it mean that cells "express" a protein? This feels like jargon that a general audience won't understand without an explanation. If possible, it would be best to find a different way to ta...
Gabriel Stein: Interesting. I thought from my first reading that 'express' referred to a cell's ability to create a given protein, and the rest of the paragraph made me think you were referring to a cell's abilit...
Brian Wells: I was thinking the same thing. It took a few readings of the sentence and even then I was still confused.
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One big missing piece for general audiences
Gabriel Stein: Lovely article, Mike! Great summary of past research and how yours fits in. Also, great headline. Heds are super important for getting people to read, so this is a very nice start.I think there's o...
Elyse Timothy: You refer to neural progenitor cells as "progenitors" throughout, except In the first line of the fourth paragraph when you refer to them as "NPCs." Is this a typo?
Michael Wells: Ah good catch. I will make the change in the next draft. Thanks.